Friday, May 16, 2008

we made a film

We made a stop-action animation film. It's great. We think you'll agree...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

another ultrasound!

We got a surprise ultrasound today at my appointment. Baby was too stubborn to have the Dopplar pick up the heartbeat. Here are two pics. We would have taken video if we'd known. The baby was swirling around and moving its arms a lot. It took 4 tries to get the heartbeat measurable, because the baby wouldn't stay still long enough. :)

You can see the eye sockets (he put stars there!) and the brain and the bones.

There's the left hand! The baby put its hand in front of its face then turned to face up quickly. What a celebrity! The clarity isn't great, but during the ultrasound we could see each bone in the hand. It was crazy!

Oh. And the heartbeat is normal.

Friday, May 9, 2008

some new tunage (TUNE-edge)

greetings all, Kate thought I should post this.

this is my(/our) YouTube account.  In a fit of nerdiness I filmed myself playing various songs in our basement this afternoon and posted it for the world to enjoy or mock.  Some are long and, if you are not into metal, boring.  I recommend "Babar's Quest," it's an original composition.

Also, Kate thought this was very funny.  Dandy helped during this video (at about 1:15 or so).

day 2 of conference

This conference I went to in Columbus May 1 and 2 was too far to scoot. I got to rent a Zipcar. I've used them before for personal transportation. I thought I'd get a mini cooper, because this time I wasn't going to be hauling anything.

Here she is, Messien is her name.

All excited!

Talking on my new phone.

Being a phone and car snob.

It was a good conference. And I loved the mini cooper!

how to assemble a grill

Step 1: get a hand cart.

Step 2: put the box next to the canister (preferably by steps).

Step 3: Put the directions on the ground.

Step 4: Look at the pretty tree next to where the grill will go.

Step 5: Leave the hardware in the package.

Step 6: Open the grill. Wait until it's dark out.

Step 7: Stick your head in.

Step 8: Wheel it into the garage.


baby's room

In the beginning, there was paint. Mom, after the first few brush strokes, said "you know, you can still veto this." Veto what? I CHOSE this color!

Me, not painting.

Morgan with her first roller.

Dennis with his first roller.

Morgan, tired out. This was probably a little late to be playing Clue. She won.

Putting together the crib.

Crib, check.

Look how the carpet matches the walls! This is exactly what I had in mind. :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

not the post I was expecting.

I've been sucking immensely at blogging.  Here's a short one sans photos.  They're taking longer to load to our Picasa album that I anticipated...

The baby's room is painted.  The crib, from Ell and Jason, is assembled.  We've moved our flor rug from our  bedroom to the baby's room, and we'll be buying a few more squares to configure it better.  It matches the walls perfectly.

We bought and put together a grill - thanks Mom and Dad Hodges!

The yard is greatly improved, and we now have a beautiful, organized shed - and more garden tools than I thought we would need the first year.  They've all come in handy so far!

I'm feeling great and can no longer button my pants.  The wardrobe expansion begins...

Photos and better explanations to come.

Good night,