Thursday, May 8, 2008

not the post I was expecting.

I've been sucking immensely at blogging.  Here's a short one sans photos.  They're taking longer to load to our Picasa album that I anticipated...

The baby's room is painted.  The crib, from Ell and Jason, is assembled.  We've moved our flor rug from our  bedroom to the baby's room, and we'll be buying a few more squares to configure it better.  It matches the walls perfectly.

We bought and put together a grill - thanks Mom and Dad Hodges!

The yard is greatly improved, and we now have a beautiful, organized shed - and more garden tools than I thought we would need the first year.  They've all come in handy so far!

I'm feeling great and can no longer button my pants.  The wardrobe expansion begins...

Photos and better explanations to come.

Good night,

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