Monday, March 17, 2008

in, night 3

we've neglected the blog. The camera seems to be either 1) hanging on the coat closet doorknob at the apartment or, 2) somewhere else.

No photos to post until we find the camera.

We finished the floors Thursday night. We moved half of the boxes in Friday. We finished on Saturday and spent our first night.

I'd like to give a shout out to our moving angels in this whole process:
Mom, Dad, Ellorie, Phil, Sarah, Molly, Tony

If Dennis and I had been on our own, we would have been in serious trouble...
I've been pretty fatigued lately - becase we're expecting an addition to our family in November.

Yep, the music room has become the nursery. Updates to come after my first appointment April 1.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

day 1 of possession

demonic? No.

We got word from our realtor that Andrea, the previous owner, was to be out by 5:30 Tuesday, so we scampered to get the supplies and start ripping out carpet.

Now, I knew that ripping out carpet isn't just ripping out the carpet, but I had no idea that it would take so long to remove the neverending staples.

Seriously - neverending.

My dad came down to help us. He spent nearly the entire evening, 9 - 12:30, pulling out staples.

We're all tired. I'm sure my dad is sore as all get out, and we've got more staple pulling, molding removal, and vacuuming ahead of us before we can start sanding. And by us, I mean Dennis and Dad, because I'm at work until noon today. I'll then join them, and I'm praying that they're done with the staples by then...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


That's us! Friday's signing went swimmingly.

The rest of the weekend is another story...
We went up to Michigan to see Morgan's 4th/5th grade musical - Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. It was really cute and well done.

When we tried to leave on Saturday afternoon to come home, we discovered that half of our trip would take us through Level 3 Snow Emergency counties due to the uncharacteristic snow storm. Level 3 means you get a ticket/in jail if you drive.

We decided to stay another night. When we left on Sunday, about 5 miles into the trip, some interesting things happened to Dennis' car, resulting in the clutch needing to be rebuilt.

We took Ellorie's car back to Ohio - and here we are!

Tonight we'll be purchasing all of the needed supplies for carpet tearing-out. Even though we technically have possession tomorrow morning, we'll just head over to the house and start. I don't think Andrea, the previous owner, will mind if she comes to check the house cleaner's job and we're there. She can't - it's OUR house!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

almost homeowners

Craziness! Three days and 15 minutes until we're signing the official papers and becoming homeowners.

I'm pumped.

Sunday we made our packing/doing stuff schedule for the next two weeks.

There's a LOT to do.

Dennis packed up all of our vases, candles, miscellaneous decorative things, and everything in the "china cabinet" yesterday. He also cleaned out the nasty underneath of the stovetop - all the gross grease drippings and that business. That was so so appreciated.

This morning he took apart our big bookshelf (from IKEA - it rules the world!). And this afternoon Dandy is going to the groomer for a little rear shave. (For those of you without long-haired cats, the hair on the rear end needs to be shaved every now and then to lessen the possibility/frequency of what we affectionately call "cling-ons".)

Today's packing/doing things consists of packing the rest of the stuff in my closet, calling to schedule internet hookup for the day before we move in...and there must be something else.

Coming soon - photo diary of everything I'm going to miss about the apartment.

Hasta la pasta!