Monday, June 30, 2008

guess what we found

on the porch...the nice safe enclosed porch that should, theoretically, be bug free. I'm not even sure how this nasty thing fit through the crack in the porch door...

It's a slug. 3-4 inches long. It might not look quite that big in the picture, but Dennis is holding his hand a few inches above the mail that it decided to curl up on. I've never even heard of one this big. It's so disgusting, and it left its trails all over our porch.

We salted it and put it out to dry. Now I have to avoid looking at the sidewalk every time I go outside for fear that it's still shriveling up there.'


On a lighter note, look how sweet our boys are.

Mister Bungle goes shopping.

the long awaited

Here you go. Sorry in advance if this post makes anyone uncomfortable.

16 weeks:

17 weeks:

20 weeks:
Big ultrasound tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

little hodges doesn't like meetings

Twice in the last three days when I've stood up to leave a meeting, I could feel little hodges rolling around in joy.

Coincidence? I think not.

a whole new type

of hunger.

Holy crap... really? I just ate lunch and am already starving again. Now I understand how people gain 80 pounds when they're pregnant.

On a related note, I have headaches now. Not regular old annoying headaches. This is a headache that I've never felt before...and for the second time in two days. My afternoon headache, I guess.

On another related note, I'm allergic to bananas now.

That's it. I forgot to take belly pics at week 18 and 19. Now I'm at 19.5. I'll just wait until 20 and post them up. Given my hunger, the 20-week picture should show impressive growth over week 16.


Friday, June 20, 2008

well, then.

Kate wanted me to tell everyone that I forgot to return the changing table.  We are now on the lookout for a dresser.  

We are preparing to perform with the youth band at our church festival next Saturday (June 28).  The youth will perform for 30 minutes and then the adult leaders will perform without the youth for 30 minutes.  We're doing a lot of new music so it will be interesting to see if anyone is into it.  There should be a good amount of people, though.  The festival coincides with the monthly Grandview Hop, which is where people mill about on the street in front of our church for several hours.  The main attraction is going into businesses during hours they would normally be closed.

That's it for now.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

general update

I'm going to the gym for the second day in a row this week. Huge improvement over my irregular gym usage since March!

We bought a second-hand changing table last night. We got it home and put it in the baby's room and quickly realized that also fitting a small dresser and a rocking chair in there was going to be a challenge.

Dennis promptly returned the changing table this morning. We're now on the look-out for a dresser of changing table height.

I know that was a boring update. Sorry.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

little hodges

I felt Little Hodges move today. That's pretty exciting! Now I'm looking forward to July 1st even more.

Monday, June 16, 2008

waiting for june to end...

Every time I look at the ultrasound picture that I have as my desktop picture on my work computer, I think "man, I can't wait until July 1st". I'm really looking forward to the next ultrasound.

There's been a request for belly pictures. I will likely oblige in the next few days. I only started them at 16 weeks, though - so there'll only be three.

It's 18.5 now!


Thursday, June 12, 2008

clothing options.

I'll admit, clothing options are now becoming pretty limited for me. It's about time to go bargain shopping via the internet.

I have found that the best thing in the world is maternity jersey gaucho pants. Especially when it's 90 - and not even 10 o'clock yet... YUCK! Where did that ease into summer disappear to? I miss the 70s and 80s.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

everything sounds good.

Baby's heartbeat was 140. It was easy to find this time, so the appointment was very quick.

Our next appointment is July 1 - the big ultrasound day. We are standing firm by our decision to not find out the sex. So you'll all be surprised when we are, sometime in mid-November.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

appointment tomorrow!

Another doctor appointment tomorrow! It's just supposed to be a heartbeat Dopplar appointment. We'll post after it concludes - around 2:30.

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

a tour of our yard.

A quick tour of our yard.

Beginning from the front, heading toward the north (right) side of the house.

Along the side toward the backyard.

Continuing straight, we find the garage.

And next to the garage, our trash and our feeble attempt at starting a compost pile.
  (It's just watermelon rinds here...)

Spin right round to face back up the path along the north side of the house. (hint: it's where we just walked.)

Moving along, we're inside the shed.

Lovely and oh-so-practical peg board and potting shelf installed as a gift from Ellorie a few weeks ago.

Shed closed.

The vegetable garden, next to the shed along the south side of the garage.

Slightly closer to the house, the peonies and grill.

Along the yard-side of the garage, the herb garden.

The deck with beans and a cherry tomato plant.

The big tomato plant next to the air conditioner.  We're at the southwest corner of the house now.

More vegetables planted along the south side of the house.

From the southeast corner of the house now, looking toward the backyard.

On the front sidewalk, looking where we were just standing.

And to our right, the stepping stones installed by Mom and Ellorie that will help us avoid stepping in mud to get from the street to the sidewalk once it gets rainy again.

Front of the house, window into the kitchen.

Mister Bungle on the screened in porch.  He says "goodbye".