Thursday, March 26, 2009

ENT appointment

Darren is at his first ENT appointment. I didn't write about it before now, because I didn't want to elicit the standard "hope everything is ok...let us know how he's doing" type of responses from everyone, because I think it's nothing. But I decided that today I feel like sharing.

Five weeks ago, I felt a bump about an inch behind his ear underneath his skin. It was soft and moved when you touched it. We made a doc appointment and took him in. As suspected by Dennis' mom, it was a swollen lymph node...usually not a big deal. His doctor asked that he come back in a week and half to check it.

In a week and a half, we went back. It was still there, but slightly smaller...about the size of half of a dried pea. She said we should see an ENT just to be safe.

A week and a half later was his regularly scheduled 4 month appointment. Two days before the appointment I felt a second bump. I pointed it out to his doctor, and she thought it was a second swollen node. She was glad that the ENT appointment was coming up.

Now it's an additional week later, and both bumps are still there. I'm still not really worried, just a little anxious to hear the report from Dennis when they're finished with the ENT appontment. I should hear from him soon and will make a full report.

In the interim, I'm happy to report that this whole time he's had no symptoms of sickness. He's a happy baby that eats and sleeps well. That's why none of us think it's anything horrible.


Emmy said...

I'm going to leave one of those lovely responses! Can't wait to hear that everything is all right. Will be waiting...

Jane said...

Thanks for the information and update. Yeah, he seemed like a happy healthy baby when I visited, and if he actually has any medical problems they didn't seem to affect his behavior or demeanor at all. Of course, can't wait for the report. Love you all.