Friday, November 6, 2009

We've come a long, long way together

It's happened. Today is my last day as a WOHM - Work Out of the Home Mom.

Next week, as another 1 year-old and a newborn join Darren and I for daily adventures, I become a WAHM - Work At Home Mom.

It's thrilling, it's exciting, it's oh-so-delicious.

This choice was fraught with strife and many rounds of "what if" and "how will that work" and other questions. It has sparked discussion and instilled worry in more than just Dennis and I.

But we continued to forge ahead for the sake of my happiness and fulfillment. And we've been rewarded with affirmations along the journey to get to this place. (One of these affirmations we'll have more details about to share with you shortly.)

For those of you who have been privy to our decision-making process (especially you, God), thanks for your support and well-wishes. Thanks for lending an ear and providing the wisdom that has guided us to what we know will be one heck of a life change.

There is so much to come... Au revoir, hyvästi....goodbye office.


Jane said...

"I have to celebrate you, last day, / I have to praise you like I shou-ou-ou-ou-ould..."


Jane said...

...and I'm looking forward to seeing multiple posts a day... hehe, no pressure...

Anonymous said...

bon voyage! think you are going to have so much fun even though it's probably going to be more "work" than the ol' office job-a-roo. kids are busy lil creatures! but much more fun (in my opinion) and can be much more rewarding. congrats!