Tuesday, March 11, 2008


That's us! Friday's signing went swimmingly.

The rest of the weekend is another story...
We went up to Michigan to see Morgan's 4th/5th grade musical - Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. It was really cute and well done.

When we tried to leave on Saturday afternoon to come home, we discovered that half of our trip would take us through Level 3 Snow Emergency counties due to the uncharacteristic snow storm. Level 3 means you get a ticket/in jail if you drive.

We decided to stay another night. When we left on Sunday, about 5 miles into the trip, some interesting things happened to Dennis' car, resulting in the clutch needing to be rebuilt.

We took Ellorie's car back to Ohio - and here we are!

Tonight we'll be purchasing all of the needed supplies for carpet tearing-out. Even though we technically have possession tomorrow morning, we'll just head over to the house and start. I don't think Andrea, the previous owner, will mind if she comes to check the house cleaner's job and we're there. She can't - it's OUR house!

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