Sunday, June 1, 2008

a tour of our yard.

A quick tour of our yard.

Beginning from the front, heading toward the north (right) side of the house.

Along the side toward the backyard.

Continuing straight, we find the garage.

And next to the garage, our trash and our feeble attempt at starting a compost pile.
  (It's just watermelon rinds here...)

Spin right round to face back up the path along the north side of the house. (hint: it's where we just walked.)

Moving along, we're inside the shed.

Lovely and oh-so-practical peg board and potting shelf installed as a gift from Ellorie a few weeks ago.

Shed closed.

The vegetable garden, next to the shed along the south side of the garage.

Slightly closer to the house, the peonies and grill.

Along the yard-side of the garage, the herb garden.

The deck with beans and a cherry tomato plant.

The big tomato plant next to the air conditioner.  We're at the southwest corner of the house now.

More vegetables planted along the south side of the house.

From the southeast corner of the house now, looking toward the backyard.

On the front sidewalk, looking where we were just standing.

And to our right, the stepping stones installed by Mom and Ellorie that will help us avoid stepping in mud to get from the street to the sidewalk once it gets rainy again.

Front of the house, window into the kitchen.

Mister Bungle on the screened in porch.  He says "goodbye".


ellorie said...

YEAH! What a lovely tour of your yard! Can't wait for our next project weekend visit! :)

Jane said...

I'm coming to the next one - I promise!