Friday, July 18, 2008

a new house

Well, not really.

Today I'll be coming home from work to a freshly painted living room. Dennis and I spent about 4 man hours last night taping the room off. We have many more doorways than I was thinking we was a tedious project to say the least.

He washed the walls this morning, and the first coat will be going up around 2.

Dennis chose the color, and I really like it. It's a slightly muted robin's-egg blue. It's really going to have impact and make the house start to feel like our house.

Ellorie is heading down today too. The four of us will conquer the artwork and windows this weekend - washing the windows and hanging all of our artwork. I'm so so excited.

We moved furniture around in the baby's room, and we're really digging the new layout. I'm pretty sure this post is all about the nesting phenomenon that's kicking in right now...

On that note,

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