Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Unfortunately, the video camera wouldn't work, but there wasn't a lot of rocking and rolling like last time. In fact, little hodges just stayed pretty still the whole time. The doctor kept trying for a sharper profile shot, but alas, little hodges just wasn't cooperating.

Here's what we have to share.

with interpretation.
Everything looked great, the doctor said. Things we saw: fingers on each hand, humerus, cerebellum, spine (that was the weirdest!), ribs, feet and toes, nasal bone, mouth, eye lens, diaphragm, kidneys. That's all I can remember for now.

The doctor wanted to see the mid-face shot of the mouth (I'm assuming to check for cleft palate). Alas, little hodges finally moved at the end of the ultrasound, putting both hands right in front of the very mouth we were trying to see. We caught a glimpse of the mouth open, then the fingers went back in the way.

All of the measurements were great, and the estimated weight is 3/4 lb, right on target with the estimate due date. Hooray!

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