Wednesday, September 23, 2009

just cast on my first knitting project. too bad the ipod is dead so i can't watch my youtube tutorial and finish a couple of rows of stitches before bed.
speaking of bed....dennis is master at getting darren to sleep. i'm one lucky wife and mother. sir teethes-a-lot went down without a fight tonight. a great departure from last night's scream-a-thon.
we took him to the doctor today, because we thought it was an ear infection. nope. just three more teeth on the way. that will bring the total to six once they all sprout.


Anonymous said...

yay! i'm practicing too :) there are so many projects out there, just wish the kitties were not so interested in the yarn while trying to work. i am meeting with a lady from our church this weekend to help me with a few things...i am quite the novice

Sabra said...

I have a book that I taught myself to knit with. It's "Knitting for Dummies" and it is actually amazing. I'll loan it to you if you want!

Also, haha sir teethes-a-lot!