Wednesday, September 9, 2009

na na na na, na say it's (almost) your birthday?

na na na na, na's (almost) my birthday too, yeah!
And Mr. Hodges' birthday.

Given that our birthdays appear in a short succession, we're going to celebrate our trio of birthdays at one big bash in a few weeks. Dennis (10/25/82), Kate (10/27/83) and Darren (11/17/08).

Darren, being the youngest and scrappiest, loses out. The party will be October 24th or 25th barring any scheduling difficulties. We all love autumn the most, and especially Halloween, so we're hoping to have a Halloween-ish-themed party at a pumpkin patch.

Location: TBD.

This is the un-official save the date. We have none of the details worked out, just the basic premise.

Oh yeah, and if you want to be the best combo-gift giver ever, you can get us a Queen (or king!!!)-sized bed. It's getting really squishy with all three of us jammed in a double (aka full) now that small fry moves around more (read: A LOT). One of us (read: ME) keeps getting shoved further and further off of the bed every night.

That's all for now. When I find some spare moments, I promise to get vacation stuff up.


Barb and Cody Schultz said...

Hello Hodges! Silly question, but are you thinking of a Michigan party or an Ohio party? :o)

Happy (almost) Birthdays!

Kate said...

Ohio. Might you be able to make it? We hope so! We hope so! We hope so!

Barb and Cody Schultz said...

MIGHT be able to make it...i've already been committed to the big halloween party this year & it might be the same weekend.

this year's theme is Saturday Night Live & Cody's buddies decided he has to go as Beldar from Coneheads! lol, which means I get to go as Mrs. Conehead :P

Adrienne said...

(I just got a little nervous with this Michigan talk since we just booked our flight to OH! HOORAY!)