Thursday, October 16, 2008

weekend escapades

We went to Michigan last weekend for baby shower #2, for my mom's family, both sides of Dennis' family, and family friends that all live in Michigan.

I did an abysmal job of taking photos. Really. 

Here we are on the way up.

I took no pictures at the I'll post some when I get them from others.

We bought a dresser for the baby's room while we were up there. I love Ikea!

Assembly went well. We only dinged the dresser in one place - it was my fault, and, unfortunately, it was right on the front. Oh well. I'm sure the dresser will see much more action to come.

We also got drawer organizers at Ikea and another Spoka light. Here they are together.

The lights turn on and off when you push on their head. And they're portable like a flashlight, but they recharge when you plug them into the wall. Amazing! 

AND - they match the curtains!

Dandy decided that the dresser was just a stair for him to get onto a new windowsill.

That's all for now!

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beep beep robot said...

Your baby's room gives me the warm and fuzzies just looking at it. I love those lights! So cute!