Monday, October 6, 2008

weekly visits begin soon

We had another doctor appointment today. The baby is measuring right on date, and the heartbeat was a steady, and very strong, 130.

Next appointment is Monday, October 20 - the beginning of the weekly appointments. That will probably make it seem like the baby is REALLY coming. Right now I think we're still in the "sometime soon" state of mind...not really comprehending just how soon "soon" is.

We also had the tour of the hospital yesterday. There were 5 other couples with us. We started the tour on the labor/delivery/recovery floor (floor 6 for those who are counting). That floor also houses the NICU. The whole floor very much had a hospital smell to it. I'm going to see about bringing in some sort of non-offensive, not-too-strong, good-smelling thing. I just can't imagine smelling like that, and having all of my things smell like that...yuck!

We then moved up a floor (floor 7) to the postpartum area. I thought that we would be staying in the same room the whole time, so I was caught off guard and bummed when the nurse said that we would be moved to this other area 1-2 hours after delivering. However, the rooms were equally nice and less clinical. Also, floor 7 doesn't smell hospital-y. There are larger rooms that are first delivered-first served. I'm hoping for one of those as they have a larger pull-out bed and additional chairs, a table and generally more room to have visitors during visiting hours (10-10).

More on baby's room and applesauce soon!

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hlustnauer said...

hey kate,
I love hearing about your baby to come, im so happy for you both. about the hospital smell...what kind of scent do you prefer? i doooo work for bath & body works and would be love to provide you with some lovely, calming scents. We have different soothing aromatherapy fragrances (a little more natural line then normal bath and body works) available... lavender vanilla, lavender camomile & eucalyptus spearmint as well as some energizing blends. I could bring you a variety of pillow mist, lotion, body spray, instant roll on relief, and plug in's (to make the room smells nice). let me know if you are interested and what forms you are interested in and i will make it happen. i cant wait to meet the new hodges. hope you all are doing great!