Monday, January 14, 2008

Day 2

Saturday, 1/12 we saw three more properties. This time, all houses. It was ambitious for us, given that it took us 90 minutes to look through 2 properties the day before, to look at 3 properties in 75 minutes.

We finished 15 minutes early.

And with no additions to the list of homes we are considering (the score now is 4 no, 1 maybe).

Here we go.

House 1: Small white House. We thought this would be similar to Screened in porch (see Day 1). It wasn't.

Small white house, I call it small, because I felt like a giant everywhere I went. Even the little picket fence is short.

Basement, Please take note of the choice of decor. and also take note of the cupboards on the back wall - and the shelves. this was a reoccurring theme in this house. Milt said that the last owner was definitely elderly, and that cupboards everywhere was common among that age group.

Basement again, And again, note the cupboards everywhere.

Summary: Nope, even with the upcoming kitchen remodel.
Grade: F

House 2: Brick house. Who can resist a brick house among all of these similar sized houses with aluminum or vinyl siding? We can, apparently. And so will the rest of the world when they see the neighbor.

Brick house, Yes, that pole is actually leaning over as much as it looks like it is. We thought this house might be promising - until we saw the next door neighbor. Unfortunately we didn't take a picture of it, but you should be able to imagine how it looks: the front is similar to this - plus 500% more overgrown bare weeds, some very very shady pine trees, and approximately 100 lawn ornaments. Dennis said that he saw a sign somewhere in that mess that said Diva Witch. There's no way a sane person would move in next to that!

Living room, bizarre, but easily corrected.

Basement (of brick house), and yes, that IS a full size mannequin on the left against the wall. It is one of the first things you see when you come down the stairs. Did they know their house was being shown? I won't bother showing any more photos of this one. There was clutter everywhere and it really wasn't sitting well with us.

Summary: Crazy neighbor, unkempt yard.
Grade: N for never

House 3: Too small, too bad. Really really too bad that this one is so small. It's a 3-minute walk to our church, and just 2 streets away from Grandview Ave (the main stretch in Grandview). I've posted tons of pictures so that you can feel my pain - it's absolutely my style, we would have had to do nothing but move our stuff in...sigh.

Living room, view from front door. Medium size. Yes, that's a wood burning fireplace.

Living Room and dining room, the dining room wasn't quite large enough to fit their table with chairs.

Kitchen, sigh. My favorite part. Did I mention that I wish this house was bigger?

Backside view, with deck.

Master bedroom, is she pretty? The room, I mean - and me, I guess.

Bedroom #2, #3 is similar in size, but a light/bright blue

Bathroom, small, like the others.

Summary: We love this. But it's just too small. It's the same square footage as our current apartment. It just won't work. Milt also said it's about 15k overpriced. And the garage is pretty much ready to be knocked down and rebuilt.

Grade: C, for crap, I like this place.

Now, some additional shots of Too small, too bad's kitchen so your heart will REALLY break... p.s. If we buy Screened in porch, these photos will be handy when it comes time to remodel.
A quartz countertop. Cool hardware

Undermount sink, yes please.

pretty, pretty ceiling height cupboards.

butcher block countertop next to the stove.
Dennis pointed out that they even made a little 3 inch counter to go between the stove and fridge. Those finishing touches really count.

check out the shiny floor tiles - they're so awesome.

The end. With a stainless steel industrial switchplate. Love it.

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