Monday, January 21, 2008

Revisiting Screened in porch

Today we went to see Screened in porch again. Since it was the only contender left, we wanted to refresh our memories and bring some new eyes to assess.

Mom, Jane, and our friend Nate came. Nate has experience doing projects and rehab on houses. He, and wife Melissa, will be an essential resource for us, no matter what we buy and when we buy it.

We looked around closer and found some weird stuff. Here goes:

The hose from the washing machine drains into the utility sink - instead of that pipe mounted on the wall behind it. If that's a drain pipe, then is it clogged? There were no weird smells happening, so it's not backed up with stagnant water at least.

It looks like the kitchen sink must have overflowed and damaged the floor.

This vent is closed off with a cookie tin. What?!

And some good news:

Yes sir, that's wood floor under the carpet on the first floor!

Guten tag, house. At least for now.

So, we're thinking about putting in an offer on Screened in porch. Possibly soon - this week? We'll keep you updated.


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