Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 3

Today, 1/17, we saw two more properties - both condos. Here they are, the final two properties to look at.

(We forgot the camera, so these pics are from the listings site.)

Condo 1: Ugly awnings.

I went into this one with a pretty negative view given the ugliness of the exterior of the building. I still feel that way. The interior courtyard is kind of cute, though.

Ugly awnings

Dining room into kitchen, kitchen is VERY small

Master bedroom, medium size, big closet, sloping lofted ceiling. Kind of cool

Summary: The photos make this one look larger than it is. It's very small feeling.
Grade: S for small

Condo 2: Bavarian beauty.
Okay, that's a pretty cheesy name, but the exterior is bavarian looking. These are set near the Scioto River in a wooded lot. Very pretty area, on the west edge of Grandview. They have 2 ACTUAL full bathrooms. Amazing!


Dining room and kitchen, quite nice and bigger than it looks here

Kitchen close up, pretty nice.

Loft and 3rd bedroom, pretty big room

Summary: We're going to keep this one in mind, but it doesn't stack up against Screened in porch. Why? There's no garage with his unit (to have a garage, they're 20k more), the parking lot is through the courtyard, there is an external staircase to get into the unit and there's no way to get the scooter close enough to plug in to charge. It would just be too difficult to get groceries and music gear from the car to the condo, up the stairs, and (for the music stuff) up the stairs again to the loft.

Grade: C

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