Monday, September 29, 2008


(Dennis and I have been waiting a bit to announce this post - until we asked the appropriate parties. It was difficult for the two of us to catch a moment with the couple who we decided to ask to be our child's godparents with Dennis' crazy Lion King schedule for the last month.)

We are honored that Stacey and Greg Bergmann, good friends and fellow musicians at St. Christopher, have accepted our invitation to be part of our lives forever as little hodges' godparents. We met them through our involvement with music ministry - they sing in the 11:30 Mass choir with me, sang in last year's Christmas Eve choir with both of us and lead the children's choir. Dennis and I both had the pleasure of being entertained by Greg throughout RCIA (rite of christian initiation for adults) beginning about this time last year, and Greg and I were both confirmed (and I was baptized) at Easter Vigil 2008.

Greg and Stacey have two amazing children, Elizabeth and Andrew - bright, articulate, polite, funny and quite entertaining. They are definitely a couple to whom we'll turn for advice while we work to raise our own children (just one for now!).

We're so blessed to have them in our lives, and we look forward to many years of friendship and fellowship!

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