Friday, April 4, 2008

the apartment lament

All of the things I love so dearly about 219 W. 5th Ave.

The huge dark wood trim - original to the apartment, from 1920. This is around everything! Every floor, every window, every door, every entryway. And of course, the chair rails:

A fireplace. Although you can't actually have a fire in it, it's cool to have as a focal element of the room - and for Christmas stockings. Where, oh where, will we hang our 3 Christmas stockings this year? Our child will be completely deprived...:

The original doorknobs abound :

The extra sun room above our back porch. We hardly used it, but it was just so cute:

Something I didn't love about the apartment. I had to build a ramp from two 1/4 sheets of heavy plywood, attached with two hinges. I had to drag that heavy ramp and put it over the 3 steps into our backyard. I had to pull the scooter way back across the alley, and I had to get a running start to make it up that ramp - with barely enough room for me to squeeze through the gate opening next to the scooter while pushing it. Then I had to put the scooter cover on, chain it to the big cement post on our back porch, and go drag the ramp back up into the backyard. I had to do that every time I came back from somewhere. Here's to you, old ramp:

Another thing I didn't love. We had these caterpillars that infested this one type of bush that was on both sides of our staircase up to the front door. You can see that, although the damage was done in the early fall, the bushes have not been removed yet. (No, that's not political commentary, although it certainly applies...):

I intended the last photo of my lament to be an artsy photo of our front door with the street numbers - but I guess I didn't load it up into Picasa. So here's my alternate. A puff of smoke where the scooter used to sit (on another 1/4 sheet of plywood to keep the tired off of the wet/snowy ground). Magic!:

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