Friday, April 11, 2008

cats on porch, april 9

Yes, this post is a little late.  We had some technical difficulties loading the photos.

We are letting the cats come out onto the screened in porch.  They haven't made any attempt to climb screens or escape yet.  Here are some fun action shots.

Dandy was the first one to go out.  Note the beautiful scooter parked just out front.

Mister Bungle the scaredy cat looks for a perch.

"I'm just big-boned."

Success.  Mister Bungle on the bench.

"I'd like to come up too, please."

Looking at some birds.

Someone's getting a little adventurous.

Cat plant.  My favorite.

The boys looking at their friend Stumpy.

Stumpy the squirrel.  He has no tail.  Ellorie thought he was a bunny at first due to the large hips, stumpy poof of a tail and interesting hopping movement.  Alas, he is indeed a squirrel, and we see him around quite often.

Stumpy runs away to the tree.

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