Sunday, April 13, 2008

families are great

In the spirit of our family members being ultra-great to us, Ellorie and Mom are coming down to Columbus for the weekend of April 25.  They've offered to paint the baby's room and do a bunch of stuff in the yard with me.  I'm pretty psyched.

We purchased the paint for the baby's room yesterday.  I did a test swatch on some posterboard this morning - it's exactly the color I had envisioned.  A light/bright yellow/green - Pear.


plarson1 said...

The baby will generate the darker shade of green on it's own!

Dennis & Kate Hodges? said...

We had that in mind, of course. We just wanted to choose a paint color that matched.

kirsten said...

love the paint color. what's your new address? i realize it might be on a blog/facebook post soomewhere, but can't find it. thanks... great to see you guys last week!

Dennis & Kate Hodges? said...

881 Oxley Rd.
Grandview, OH 43212

The blanket matches perfectly, we found!