Friday, April 4, 2008

I thought I'd start this entry out with a beautiful image of what skin looks like after going through approximately 100 cheap plastic gloves, size XL, that just cjan't stand up to the chemical properties of Minwax stain. It's the reverse Michael Jackson:

Here's the floor after a coat of polyurethane. Note my grand taping job around the vent. Certainly no sanding dust contaminated our heating/cooling system!:

Two coats later! Done!:

And done: That's 10:39 PM. A HUGE improvement over our performance the night before! To be fair, we didn't start the staining process until about 10:45 the night before:

Dennis running up the basement stairs:

That's that. Unfortunately, we didn't have the camera handy during the moving process - so, alas, there are no photos of that. We'll snap some more of the house in partial order in the next week and post.

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