Thursday, April 3, 2008

severe negligence

Here come the photos!

We closed on the house Friday, March 7. We then promptly left for Michigan to see Morgan's musical. This is what it looked like outside as we were leaving:

We had tasty pita chips for a snack:

This is us at a stoplight:

Me enjoying some coffee (yes, it's caffeinated. They say that 1-2 cups is okay!):

We arrived in Michigan many hours later. They had a grand reception for us.
Actually, once Mom, Dad and Jane arrived, they set up a whole great toast to our new house. That was quite convenient, since I couldn't figure out how I was going to get all of the adults in the same room to give them our even bigger news:

Mom and Jane shocked to hear that I'm pregnant - notice that they're looking at Dennis?:

Ellorie and Jason. Lucky them, I gave them a few more seconds for the news to sink in before getting a chance to snap their photo. I hear Ellorie's excited to be an aunt:

The girls entertaining us:

Morgan as Veruca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:

We got home a few days later. Possession of the house was on Tuesday. Here we are - the beginning of the end. I'm sporty full safety gear:

Dennis the monster tearing out carpet:

Me the normal tearing out carpet:

Dad arrived just in time to start pulling out staples, a task that he completed the next morning. I swear, we didn't make him stay overnight!:

Next day, first swipe with the drum sander. It's impressive how much damage this machine does on the first swipe even:

After several attempts to use the edge sander to sand the edges, we were left with light scorch marks all over. Dennis called the place we rented the equipment from, and they informed us that there was likely wax on the floors that was melting, heating up, and burning. So we proceeded to scrape the wax and finish off of the edges of all of the room. This was second to staple pulling, maybe..., for worst task:

The staining begins! Obviously, I'm skipping many steps here:

The staining ends 3.5 hours later:

And yes, that would be 2:14 AM - I had to be to work at 8:15 the next did that day blow!:

THE END, for now. More photos to come tomorrow!


Adrienne said...

How exciting to see your behind the scenes photos after just seeing your beautiful house in its furnished state! More photos!!!!!!

Emmy said...

Great pictures! Looks like too much work though...I think I will sit down and relax for you!