Saturday, April 19, 2008

spring rain

Our trees with our neighbor's truck - it's always parked there.

A closer view.

The cats coming in from the porch.  I think they were getting wet.

The petals on the ground after the rain slowed down.

Mister Bungle checking out some petals that blew in through the crack next to the porch door.

Dandy  hanging out.  On the right is the little flower bed in the front yard.  I hope we'll get to plant something in it next weekend when the fam comes to visit and help us with some stuff around the yard.

Another view of our pretty tree.  The blue house is across the street - we love the color coming through the muted tones of the blossoms.

We especially love the color combo when you add the buds of another tree that's in the front yard.  They're almost the color of the baby's room!

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